AGCC 2018 Organising Committee

Chairman of Organising Committee

Dr Bill Shaw president@agc.org.au


Sue Fletcher sue@gsa.org.au


Kim Frankcombe kfrankcombe@iinet.net.au

Director of the PCO (CCM)

Ashley Gordon ashley@ccm.com.au

Supporting Chair of CoC

Dr Graham Carr graham.carr@csiro.au

Supporting Secretary

Leanne Gunther admin@agc.org.au

Treasurer Support


AGCC 2018 Subcommittee Chairs

Scientific and Technical Program

Dr Chris Yeats chris.yeats@planning.nsw.gov.au

This Subcommittee has oversight of all aspects of the program including invited speakers and the abstract submission, review and approval process.

Big Issues and Ideas Day

Dr Caroline Tiddy caroline.tiddy@unisa.edu.au

This Subcommittee is developing the program of Big Issues and Ideas in Geoscience which will include invited speakers and discussions around topics of concern to all geoscientists and the public.

Sponsorship and Exhibition

Mike Smith mike_rpgeo@optusnet.com.au

Recruitment of sponsors and exhibitors, design and sale of exhibition and management of commercial engagement with the Convention.

Field trips and Workshops

Dale Sims dalesims@tpg.com.au

Field trip selection, content and management and oversight of workshops to be held during or in association with the Convention.

Early-Career Geoscientists and Volunteers

Genna McDonagh genna.mcdonagh@gmail.com

Verity Normington
Management of the volunteer and early-career delegate programs.


Associate Professor Dr David Cohen d.cohen@unsw.edu.au

Connection with the extensive group of Geoscience educators at all levels including primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions, ongoing professional development for geoscientists and raising the general awareness of the public about Geoscience.

Advocacy, Media, Protocol

Dr Angela Rigantiangela.riganti@dmirs.wa.gov.au

Representation of and engagement between Convention and government agencies and media; management of protocol matters.

Engagement with Stakeholders

Dr Steve Mackiesteve.mackie@geosimconsulting.com.au

Management and liaison with Convention stakeholders.